Outsider Folk Art

Folk Art Enthusiasts... Welcome! to the educational side of Visionary Art.com. On these pages, you will find tons of information about Folk and Outsider Art. This genre is sometimes referred to as Visionary Art or Self Taught Art. The artists listed here are mainly from the American South. We hope you find this sight useful. Hopefully, you will leave this site as enthusiastic about Folk Art as we are. 

Folk art is not something that one can easily spot in posh art galleries because these are more of 'craftsmanship' of local people who have a unique vision and they depict everyday life and the things they wish to share with the world through art. This kind of art is more local in the sense that it is found in the attics, garages and homes of people. However, in order to view good Visionary Art you won't need to scour homes for it, as we bring them all under one roof, i.e. our website, for your viewing pleasure. Folk art is quite unconventional in nature, just like fired earth paints and one never knows what one can expect when it comes to these because they are just so eccentric and raw in nature!

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Visionary art is not something that comes from a talented and world famous painter, but rather one that comes from an unsung and highly talented local artist. These art pieces are created from items that are used on a day to day basis. Visionary art have deep meanings, which are open to interpretation to people. In fact, some of these also depict the future of mankind in its own ways, which can be idealistic or as a prediction for the apocalypse which is to come. The Folk artists have 'visions' or internal inspirations which they bank on in order to create these thought-provoking and magnificently brilliant pieces. In fact, these are so impressive that they can also form a visceral connection with the viewer!

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